Zoot PANTS (Varied Colors)

Zoot PANTS (Varied Colors)
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Product Description

High Waisted Zoot Suit Pants with a wide knee and a tapered cuff.

$195.00 pants only

Original Zoot Suit pants can be custom made in any color.

Please allow 16-18 days for these pants to be made. The order will be processed after payment is received.

Video on how to measure To View Sizing movie

Additional charge for size 50 and up, call for details.

**Please Choose the height and waist measurement from the drop-boxes above.

1. waist (2" above the belly button) 2. height 3. Color

COLORS: Black, White, Red, Tan, Burgundy, Purple, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black&White-Pinstripe

NOTE: Please don't forget to measure 2" above navel for waist size. Thank you!

***Accessories are NOT included with this purchase. Please look at our other items for the shirt, suspenders, chain, shoes and hat.***