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My Family DVD


Three-generational epic saga of the Sanchez family as told by the eldest son. Actor: Jimmy Smits

A sprawling saga spanning two generations in the lives of the Sanchez family, from the depression to the present day. The story begins as Jimmy Sanchez, lured by the "American Dream", decides to emigrate from revolutionary Mexico to East L.A. He soon meets and marries the beautiful Maria, and together they have five children. ... Full Description Years later, the Sanchez kids have grown up, and chosen to lead very disparate lives, ranging from criminal to nun. But despite the obstacles they and their offspring continue to face, Jimmy and Maria succeed in maintaining the family's unity, using their Latino heritage and roots as the foundation.

Francis Ford Coppola produced this acclaimed saga detailing three generations in a Hispanic immigrant family, from their journey to California in the 1920s to their modern day struggles.

In Spanish and English dialogue.

Released theatrically in the USA on May 5, 1995.

Co-produced by Majestic Films.

Color by Technicolor.

Additional credits: Beth de Patie, Maria Elena Mercado, Richard Wright (production managers); Karen Frischmann, Marla Saltzer, Enrique Vargas, Kris Kringle (assistant directors); Ken Diaz (make-up design); Mark Sanchez (make-up supervisor); Jacklin Masteran (hair design)

Rated BBFC 15 by the British Board of Film Classification.

My Family Reviews:

"... A superb cast..." -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"... Full of passion... " -- 3 out of 4 stars -- Mike Clark, USA Today

"... All the acting is confident.... La verdad wins out every time." -- Rating: B+ -- Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"... [The] story is told in images of startling beauty and great overflowing energy..." -- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"... A sweeping picture-book portrait.... [The film has] a great deal of heart..." -- Todd McCarthy, Variety.