How It All Started . . .

History In The Making (View Photo Gallery) In Fall of 2001, while contemplating her subject for her Master’s thesis, Lynda Estrella (Phyllis Estrella’s daughter) decided to research the ‘Zoot Suit’ culture. Her theses, entitled ‘A study of the Zoot Suit culture – Past and present’, is a study of ‘Zoot Suit’ history, culture, and most importantly an interesting look at how society views the ‘Zoot Suit’. Below is an excerpt from Chapter 5:

Phyllis Estrella, my Mom, remembers hearing the word Pachuco for the first time when she was just five years old. It was during the 1940’s and she recalls the word Pachuco being used with neither a negative nor positive connotation. It was in her predominantly white first grade class when the Mexican-American boy who sat next to her was named “Chukie”, pronounced “Chookie”. The name “Chukie” was outside of the norm, so one day she asked him where his name came from. He told her that when he was born he had a head full of hair so his mother said he looked like a Pachuco (the Pachucos had a distinctive haircut in the 1940’s resembling a duck tail). She then formed a lasting curiosity regarding the word Pachuco.-- Please go to and click HISTORY to see full story


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