High Waist Straight Leg Pants

High Waist Straight Leg Pants
Item# High Waist Ricky-Ricardo Straight Leg Pants
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Product Description

High Waist Ricky-Ricardo Style Straight Leg Pants

$195.00 pants only (CUSTOM)

Get our NEW high waist Ricky-Ricardo STYLE straight leg Pants. Original Zoot Suit pants can be custom made in any color. Please allow 16-18 days for these pants to be made. The order will be processed after payment is received.

Sizes 30-48 - $195.00

Video on how to measure To View Sizing movie

Additional charge for size 50 and up, call for details.

**Please Choose the height and waist measurement from the drop-boxes above.

1. waist (2" above the belly button) 2. height 3. Color

COLORS: Black or Black & White Pinstripe

Material: Polyester

NOTE: Please don't forget to measure 2" above navel for waist size. Thank you!