Classic Black Zoot Suit

Classic Black Zoot Suit
Item# Classic_Black
Zoot Suit Size: 

Product Description

Color: Black

Price: $295.00

Material: A Tight Weave-Polyester that can be worn year round

Suit includes: coat, pants and suspenders (all other accessories are sold separately).

Sizes: 34-40

Suit Size -All Zoot suits are sold with a 6" difference between the Chest and Waist.

For example:

A size 34 chest will have a 28" waist.

A size 36 chest will have a 30" waist.

A size 38 chest will have a 32" waist.

A size 40 chest will have a 34" waist.

Note that the Waist size is measured 2" above the belly-button.

**Additional charge for chest size 50 and up. Please call or email for more details.**

Please select your Zoot Suit measurements from the boxes above.

1. Height (from head to toe) 2. Chest size 3. Waist size (2" above the belly-button) 4. Sleeve length (from top of shoulder to below wrist bone)

Video on how to measure for the suit To View Sizing movie